"I Am the Universe" Leggings 2X-6X

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Hello, legging lover! Jenni Reavis here, the CEO of Unhidden Heroines.

Are you tired of leggings that move around as YOU move around? Are you tired of leggings that have designs that fade over time, collect pet hair, or are no longer comfortable as your body fluctuates up or down a size? I know I was tired of these things happening, so I decided to create my own legging brand with unique designs inspired by my travels that will still compliment my voluptuous curves whether I am moving around in the gym lifting weights, backpacking through the mountains in a foreign country, or just lounging at home on the couch with my kitty.

If you’ve read my blog posts and followed my travels, you know how much I LOVE leggings. My leggings are inspired by my travels in some way, and all of my designs are offered sizes XS – 6XL to accommodate queens of all shapes and sizes! Every woman’s legs deserve to be showcased.

This particular universe design is very personal to me, because I just went on a rogue, 3-year adventure backpacking through 6 countries, and in many instances, I depended on the universe to carry me from place to place, to protect me, and to provide food, shelter, and finances. I love wearing these leggings because they remind me that everything will always be okay, and everything is always working in my favor. For the full story behind my backpacking travels and the birth of my company Unhidden Heroines, I encourage you to read my memoir “The Other Side of Fear: A Backpacker’s Memoir” by Jenni Reavis, available in e-book and paperback on Amazon. If you really love this particular design, you should also check out the matching tote bag! These are not only the perfect, fun, leggings for all occasions, but they also make a wonderful gift for teachers, science students, and moms. I hope you love them as much as I love mine.

These leggings might just be the most comfortable piece of clothing ever invented. The soft fabric, wide elastic waistband, and flattering fit mean that these leggings are perfect for evening runs, lounging on the couch, or everything in between. Thanks to Printful’s high-quality DTG printing process, the vibrant designs stay as beautiful as the first day you wear them no matter how many times they are washed.

All my apparel has my Unhidden Heroines logo in them, and they come in a package that has the woman from my logo on the outside of it, making it your little secret that something is hiding inside that will bring you a lot of joy, from one queen to another! Inside I have included a packing slip with my company logo and an empowering message from me. All leggings have a sizing table, so you know exactly what you’re buying – and the price includes FREE shipping - so you always know what you are spending!

Some important product information about these leggings:

• Fabric: 82% polyester, 18% spandex
• Fabric weight: 6.61 oz/yd² (224 g/m²)
• Printed, cut, and hand-sewn by Printful’s in-house team
• Four-way stretch, which means fabric stretches and recovers both on the cross and lengthwise grains
• Made of a microfiber yarn, which is smooth and comfortable
• Elastic waistband

Please note that contact with rough surfaces and velcro fasteners should be avoided since they can pull out the white fibers in the fabric, damaging the leggings’ appearance.

Now, go on! You have heads to turn! Happy wearing! 😊

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FREE SHIPPING! Please take note that due to high demand, the uniqueness of the designs, delivery complications due to covid, and location in the world from where you are ordering, delivery times may range from 2-4 weeks. International orders may be subject to a customs fee, which is the responsibility of the buyer.

Size guide

  2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL 6XL
Waist (inches) 37 ¾-39 ⅜ 41 -42 ½ 44 ⅛-45 ⅝ 47 ¼-48 ⅞ 50 ⅜-52
Hips (inches) 48 -49 ⅝ 51 ⅛-52 ¾ 54 ⅜-55 ⅞ 57 ½-59 60 ⅝-62 ¼